Full Body Traditional Chinese Asian Bodywork

1 hour: $29

Foot Magic is a reflection of the holistic experience in China, where bodywork is a cultural standard.  Our traditional Asian Bodywork is based upon the Chinese belief in whole-body wellness, acupressure and foot reflexology.  Asian Bodywork has been practiced in China for over five thousand years and only recently has found its way to America, most prominently in California.  Now Foot Magic brings this unique experience to you.  Unlike “franchise” like commercial spas, Foot Magic offers genuine Asian Bodywork performed by technicians who are masters in Asian Bodywork, trained in mainland China, with years of experience.

How Does It Work?

Full Body Massage Villa Park

Traditional Asian Bodywork in Villa Park, IL

Asian Bodywork originated thousands of years ago in China where the Chinese believe strongly in the connection between mind, body and emotional health.  The Chinese accept that the body as a whole is connected through reflexology points that extend sensation and healing throughout the body through direct stimulation.  Although the term “Foot Massage” may be misleading to some, the Chinese are devout in their belief that the acupressure points on the soles of the feet are the key to self-healing, promoting metabolism and blood circulation to ease pain and encourage general health, relieve stress, reduce fatigue and provide overall relaxation and calmness of spirit.  To this end the traditional massage is not limited to the feet, but extends to all areas of the body.